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Semper Fi;
The Definitive Illustrated History
of the U.S. Marine Corps

(Barnes & Noble, 2005)

by Col. H. Avery Chenoweth, USMCR (Ret.)

Semper Fi is a fully illustrated history of the the U.S. Marine Corps, from the Continental Marines to today's Marine-Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). From their inception on 10 November 1775 through today's Navy-Marine Expeditionary Strike Group (ESG), the U.S.M.C. been capable of engaging any size enemy force anywhere in the world on short notice. Semper Fi is filled with descriptions of historic battles, weaponry, uniforms, development of new war fighting strategies, and accounts of extraordinary heroism. "Uncommon valor was a common virtue..." was how Admiral Nimitz praised the U.S. Marines who captured the tiny Pacific island of Iwo Jima from the Japanese in the bloodiest battle of World War II. Active duty Marines and veterans will find this book to be a valuable resource and an inspiration. Makes the perfect gift for the Marine in your family. Over 150,000 copies sold.


Art of War; Eyewitness U.S. Combat Art from the Revolution through the 20th Century
(Barnes & Noble, 2002)

by Col. H. Avery Chenoweth, USMCR (Ret.)

Chenoweth's Art of War (not to be confused with Sun Tzu's 6th century BCE, The Art of War) is an original contemporary history of the visual art of the documenting of wartime scenes by participants who witnessed them. This is a visually fascinating study that explores both art and military history. The author served as a combat artist in Vietnam and the First Gulf War, has numerous artworks in the U.S. Marine Corps Combat Art Collection and at Marine and Navy posts throughout the country. The book is oversized, 500 pages, fully illustrated, but is out of print. Besides Amazon it can be found at and


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To Banbury Cross
And Other Wagging Tales

by Avery Chenoweth, Sr.

Fiction: Twenty-four short stories that will entertain, shock, titillate, and touch... humorous, tender, irreverent, brutal, and iconoclastic... and all unforgettable! Charity in a most unexpected way; Detachment without mercy; The Wall a crafty solution to confinement; Nocturne a very sexy midnight swim; Just Desert horror in the desert; Old Flame failed attempt to reignite; To Banbury Cross getting there in a naughty way; Violation what every man dreads; Mass Slayings a spiritual fraud; Brother Beane a snob put in his place; Gentlemen's Agreement a salesman's client makes a fantastic deal; Guru's Brew a faith healer's titillating con; The Good Samaritan an innocent man caught in an act of charity; and many more...


Faith's Fate
A novel

by Avery Chenoweth, Sr.

Stephen Trevelyan, a formerly successful Ivy League Madison Avenue advertiser, bounces from a mid-life crisis, fired and divorced, into the arms of a drop-dead gorgeous, angelic, televangelist named Faith, who makes no bones about God having created sex for the enjoyment of His Faithful Followers. Soon married to her, Stephen joins her bible-thumping trail to Tulsa, where he is hired to try to save a failing Christian TV station and, on the side, invests in wildcat oil wells, confident that they will provide divine-promised hundred-fold prosperity. Disillusionment slowly tests Stephen's faith as his insider knowledge of the less-than-holy shenanigans behind the scenes in the ministry and Christian television, and trouble in the oil fields, leads to catastrophic revelations. His eyes begin to open to the pious Fundamentalism that has ensnared him. Worse, his other Faith... his angelic nympho wife... turns demonic, her devastating behavior resulting in an irreparable clash. Stephen's disappointment leads to an unexpected fate that the reader will never forget.


The Final Battle
An epic troilogy of the 21st century

by Avery Chenoweth, Sr.

PART I: Assassination. On top of the devastating effects of a depressed economy and a demoralized populace, an unpopular president is re-elected in 2012. Prior to that, savage defense cuts have caused the elimination of the U.S. Marine Corps. The Corps' final Dress Parade is scheduled for 21 November 2013 inauguration. What happens there is the culmination of a plot by two Marine senior officers who take matters into their own hands... the unanticipated results of which throw the country and the whole world into chaos.

PART II: Turmoil. Not only is the nation stunned, but that event causes the country to implode with devastating repercussions in financial, trade, and societal systems, already in irreversible doldrums. Chain reactions of chaos are triggered in rich and poor countries alike. Global panic ensues as civilization, itself, nears the brink of destruction. As if that were not enough, Mother Nature caps the calamity with ferocity, unleashing her fury in a series of prognosticated events: the Andreas Fault earthquake sweeps the California coast with Los Angles into the Pacific, causing an horrendous tsunami that smashes the Far East; the Yellowstone Caldera collapses parts of four states; the North and South pole areas begin to melt faster under a canopy of concurrent volcanic ash, causing coastal flooding worldwide. The cosmos punctuates with its power as well (some attribute it to the Mayan predictions) as the planets line up in a galactic row, interfering with each's magnetic fields, and on earth, causing all sorts of havoc, including tilting of the earth's axis, which upsets the calendar and changes the seasons. Panic and pandemonium engulf the earth's suffering populations.

PART III: Armageddon. Such global calamities present opportunities for nefarious acts, especially by rogue Islamic nations. Interpreting this to be Allah's signal to destroy once and for all the infidel nation of Israel, Arab and Persian forces simultaneously attack the tiny nation from all sides. In the midst of this, a small American military attache group is rescued from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, by helicopter. Shortly after lift-off, the helo crashes, stranding its twenty-three passengers in the vast, trackless Arabian desert. The fate of the survivors over two weeks, as water and rations are running out and internal strife overcomes discipline, exacerbated by a failed rescue attempt which only makes matters worse, until an unexpected denouement unfolds and three unlikely survivors miraculously make it across the desert to Jerusalem. Finally in the midst of one attacking Muslim army, they witness the great, cataclysmic, nuclear Final Battle.

EPILOGUE: Redemption. A reunion of the survivors twenty-five years later evidences a resolution not in the least predictable.


Piccolo the Pampered Pooch
A series of children's stories for all ages

by Avery Chenoweth, Sr.

A series of 36 short books for children (and adults) of all ages, as each miniature puppy tells his or her own story of life and adventures in their own ways to their owner, the author.
Piccolo is a little ten-pound Italian Greyhound who is inquisitive, adventurous, and mischievous. He tells his story right from when he was born, throughout his fascinating lifetime growing up and later when Kool Kuddly Kirk, a tiny miniature Shelty puppy becomes his quite different brother. They play and scramble and have all sorts of charming times together, traveling, almost getting eaten by an alligator, encounters with all sorts of other critter, until Piccolo reaches the end of his life.
Kool Kuddly Kirk, now sad and lonely, is rejuvenated by the arrival of Bianca la Bella Bambina, another tiny Italian Greyhound, but this time, a female. Bianca has quite a different temperament, an adorable but demanding little creature. She and Kirk hit if off and become inseparable, Kirk always trying to keep Bianca in line, Bianca cavorting and romping with Kirk and flitting all over the house doing some very funny things.
These heartwarming stories are counter to all of the crazy, zany, and fantasy children's fare currently available. Instead, they are real life accounts of three real dogs and will immediately connect with kids, especially pre-schoolers whose parents and grand parents will enjoy reading the stories to them. Each 30-page episode ends with a teaser for the next story; twelve stories for each dog. Please contact the author for more information about obtaining the publishing rights.


Kool Kuddly Kirk

(A twelve book section
in the Piccolo series above)

by Avery Chenoweth, Sr.

Bianca la Bella Bambina

(A twelve book section
in the Piccolo series above)

by Avery Chenoweth, Sr.

Lest We Forget
Extraordinary Episodes of Military History

by Col. Avery Chenoweth USMCR Ret.

68 Years With the Marines
An Illustrated Personal Story

by Col. Avery Chenoweth USMCR Ret.

Th' Gumption of Billy Flucker
Down in the Dirt Humor and Common Sense

by Avery Chenoweth Sr.

All Our Yesterdays
The 1930s and 40s
Growing up in Jacksonville, Atlanta,
Columbia and Tampa

by Avery Chenoweth Sr.
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